2007 – III Erotic Festival of Oulu

We were invited to go to Oulu in the north of Finland for this festival. I had really no idea of what to expect. Armi, the friendly and very nice lady that invited us wanted some lesbian and strip shows. She asked me if I could get for her Susana Spears and Veronica da Souza for the lesbians and Jackpot! I was producing Susana’s official site content at that time and Veronica is just one of her best friends so they immediatly said YES! For the strip shows I invited one of our more experienced dancers, a swedish girl called Michelle. One of the guest stars was the former Cicciolina and we had some fun with her as we were sharing the same hotel. Oulu is a very small city, very clean and beautiful … a very peaceful place. I liked very much the finnish people… Everybody was very friendly like i never met before.