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2017 – Eros Porto

Really glad to be back in the festivals. We could not miss the 10th edition of the Eros Porto. Congratulations to the organizers, im really proud of taking part of this event. It was attended by 20,000 people in 4 days. I never saw so much content and shows in a festival, so many artists and things to do just like the old FICEB in Barcelona over 10 years ago. Thanks a lot to Nikky Dream and Nicole Vice. They are supper stars. Im sorry I didnt have time to take pictures but I was really busy all the time.

2013 – Salón Erótico de Valencia

This beautiful city hosted for the first time an erotic expo. As an erotic model agency we had to be there.  There were a few porn producers and erotic photographers looking for eastern european models. The venue was just perfect and we had high expectations. Unfortunately it was not so hot. Not a lot of people and not so much fun. Our latvian models Nicole and Tiffany Great enjoyed the lesbian shows :). I hope the next Salon Erotico de Valencia will succeed.


2013 – Eros Porto

This time the organizers decided to bet in a new venue. The most important expo hall in Porto… It was the best choice. The festival was as great as in the old times :). Our adult model agency introduced new latvian girls. You know, porn producers love russian models and our were just the best :). This time the Eros Porto was just great!

2012 – Exposexo Guadalajara

After a weekend in Monterrey we went for another ExpoSexo in Guadalajara. Unfortunately this one was the worst in Mexican soil. I don’t believe it is going to happen again. At least soon! But here you have some pictures 🙂

2012 – Exposexo Monterrey

We went back to Mexico for another exposexo. This time a smaller one in the north. Monterrey was the destination and we took with us only and just 8 girls. To be honest we were expecting more people and better organization. Anyway our erotic models and porn actresses had some fun.

2012 – Salão Erótico do Atlantico

We did not have any erotic festival in Lisbon since 2010. The organizers of the past events and the venue´s management did not reach any agreement so our spanish friends decided to risk and to organize a brand new event at another venue. The festival was in Oeiras, very close to Lisbon. It was not a good event to be honest but at least we tried and did our best. We only had Cythia Vellons as our main guest and as 2 months earlier we started running a strip club near by, we invited some strippers. I dont believe this salao erotico do atlantico will ever happen again.


2012 – Exposexo Mexico

By far the largest event we have been to… Exposexo was the largest and the best ever. It was an amazing time. Not only because it was in my hometown and I had the chance to be home for a while but because this event prove how strong agency we really are.
We flew from Europe all the way to Mexico. Over 13hrs flight from different countries. Porn stars and top erotic models. Carla Cox, Cynthia Vellons, Tess Lyndon, Bailey Ryder, Blanca Brooke, Vendula, Marilyn Dawson, Tiffany Doll, Charlotte de Castille, Veronika Bittova, Ashley Bulgari and many more. Check the pics!!![iframe id=”″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”400″ grow=”no”]

2012 – Eros Porto

Here we go again to the north!

6 months earlier we opened an office in Vilnius so we had a few lithuanian erotic models that we brought to Porto. For the live shows our Erica Fontes with her man Angelo Ferro 🙂

2011 – II Salón Erótico de Barcelona

Here we are again for the 2nd Salon Erotico de Barcelona. This time was in a new venue and it was fine! full of people, a lot of shows and a lot of fun… We invited Erica Fontes and Angelo Ferro for the live sex shoes and, Tess Lyndon and Tea Jul for the lesbos.

2011 – Salão Erótico do Algarve

For our surprise we were contacted again by our spanish friends asking to join them in another Salao Erotico do Algarve festival in Portimao. The first one in 2007 was fun but it did not have a lot of visitors. This time we were expecting more. Unfortunately it just did not work. Anyway we had fun and we invited Sandra Sanchez and Tea Jul from the Czech Republic and some strippers as well 🙂

2011 – IV Eros Porto

This was the 4th edition of the Eros Porto 2011 in Portugal. We had again lesbian shows but this time with Tea Jul and Sandra Sanchez from the Czech republic. The strip shows were performed by the spanish Marilyn Dawson, Diva from Portugal and our super Romina from Brazil.

2010 –

One year earlier we introduced Erica Fontes to the world… This time and with our knowledge and experience, we introduced her official site. The site was fully designed by our selves and most of the content was shot by us as well… please take a look

2010 – II Festival Erótico Medieval

This was the 2nd edition of this lovely Festival Erotico Medieval in Porto, Portugal. We had live sex show with the portuguese porn stars Angelo Ferro and Erica Fontes and strip shows with Romina 🙂

2010 – VI Salão Erótico de Lisboa

This was the 6th edition of the Salao Erotico de Lisboa. We had live sex show with the portuguese porn stars Angelo Ferro and Erica Fontes but our main guest and the most important star in all the festival was our dear Silvia Saint 🙂

2010 – I Salón Erótico de Barcelona

The mythic FICEB has gone and Barcelona was without Festival during 2 years. This was the 1st rand new: Salon Erotico de Barcelona and we had a super team of 5 stars! For the “Lesbian Shows” the hungarians super models Dorothy Black and Maria Bellucci. Our strippers Marta Sanchez and Sandra and Dildo Shows by Billy Raise. From Portugal the porno star Erica Fontes doing “Live Sex Shows” with the portuguese actor Angelo Ferro. For the first year was not really that bad but we expected more people attending…Blame it to the crisis! Hope next year will be better!

2010 – Eros Porto

This was the 3rd edition of the Eros Porto. We invited once again the portuguese Diva that was with us in Lisbon 2009 and Romina. Another new Lithuanian girl called Vivian and for the Lesbian Shows the czech model Billy Raise and the porn star Belicia.  Enjoy the pictures 🙂

2009 – V Salão Internacional Erótico de Lisboa

For the 5th Salao Internacional Erotico de Lisboa we had a team of 8 girls! for the “Lesbian Shows” the czech super models Tea and Billy Raise. our strippers Helena, Julia and Alessa from Estonia. Romina from Brazil and the portuguese Daniela and our erotic belly dancer from Latvia, Ilaya. We had a lot of fun as always. From my point of view this was the Festival that was better organized and the one that had more content and more stars specially coming from the Czech Republic but to be honest I think this one was the Festival in Lisbon with less visitors ever. Blame it to the crisis! Hope next year will be better!

2009 – Diario Sexual de Maria

We had experience producing and shooting gonzo scenes for internet and dvd but never a whole movie. This was the very first movie made in Portugal with a high budget. We rented and shot in different locations. We flew actors from Spain and introduced to the world the portuguese Erica Fontes who is only and just one of the most famous porn actresses nowadays. It was a great experience :). Diario Sexual de Maria was a great experience for all of us.

2009 – I Festival Erótico Medieval – Porto

Porto, Portugal. Festival Erotico Medieval was a real suprise and a funny event! We were invited like a month before and how could we refuse it? NO! This was the first edition of this Festival and the environment was really nice. Everybody was wearing medieval costumes. There was medieval food, music, horses etc etc etc. We really enjoyed. We had Lesbian shows with the Czech Billy Raise and Tea and the Hardcore Shows with the portuguese Erica Fontes and Angelo Ferro. Strip Shows by Romina. There will be another Festival in July 2010 and we will be there!

2009 – 2º Eros Porto

2009 just started and here we go again out of Lisbon for the 3rd time in this year. Now to an Erotic Festival called Eros Porto which was in the second biggest city in Portugal. The Festival was as good as in 2008. The only difference is that we brought some stars to this Event. Last year we worked only with some of our top strippers but this year we brought 4 of our top models from the Czech Republic to perform really hot lesbian shows.

We want to thank to our models Bianca, Hana Black, Suzie Loren and Walleria from the Czech Republic and our strippers Romina from Brazil, Simona from Romania and Tamara from Latvia

Enjoy the Pictures!

2009 – Fashion TV New Year Eve Party @ Unawatuna Beach, SRI LANKA

We were invited to go to Sri Lanka and perform by the New Year Eve. Everybody wants to be at a Fashion Tv party and we brought the gogo dancers Katrina from Latvia, Isabel from Holland and Billy Raise from Czech Republic along with me. I was djing at that party as well.

2008 – 4º Salão Internacional Erótico de Lisboa

This was the 4th Salao Internacional Erotico de Lisboa. For Exotic Angels I think it was the best so far.

2 models, the czech Hana Black and the ukranian living in Prague Suzie Loren. We had 4 strip tease dancers performing on our main stage as well, Romina from Brazil, Cynthia from Hungary, Natasha from Portugal and Simona from Romania.

I say this was the best Festival for us not only and just cos our girls were the best in this event but because we really signed a lot of contracts for future jobs, more than in any other festival… I would like to thank all the girls, the visitors and specially the organizers.

2008 – VI Anniversary of Korpus Club Vilamoura

For the second year we were invited to organize the Anniversary of Korpus Gentlemen’s Club in Vilamoura. This year we brought the hungarian porn star Sophie Evans who was performing 2 strip shows per night (the party is the whole weekend) our strippers and models Natasha & Sharon for the lesbian shows and one of our top dancers Romina who won a strip tease contest in Spain just a few weeks before this party. We love this club and it’s owners and we hope to celebrate with them many anniversaries more.

2008 – 1º Eros Porto

 We were invited once again to an Erotic Festival. This time was the Eros Porto which is the second biggest city in Portugal. Honestly I was not expecting so many people and I was really surprised. The festival was organized in a very short time so we didnt bring any international star to this event but we had great strip tease dancers performing shows on the stage and lesbian shows in our private booth. I heard they are to organize another festival in 2009 due to the success in 2008 and we hope to be there but this time with our super models 🙂

2007 – 1º Salão Erótico de Portimão

For the first Salao Erotico de Portimao (south of Portugal) we brought 2 super stars Hana Black and Veronica Da Souza to perform strip and lesbian shows. Susana Spears had a health problem and didnt come. Korpus Club Vilamoura had some of its dancers performing on our stage. I was really expecting many people for this event because it was summer and the south of Portugal uses to be busy. I really dont know what happened but people didnt come as expected. Anyway in those 3 days we had a lot of fun. Enjoy the pictures 🙂

2007 – III Erotic Festival of Oulu

We were invited to go to Oulu in the north of Finland for this festival. I had really no idea of what to expect. Armi, the friendly and very nice lady that invited us wanted some lesbian and strip shows. She asked me if I could get for her Susana Spears and Veronica da Souza for the lesbians and Jackpot! I was producing Susana’s official site content at that time and Veronica is just one of her best friends so they immediatly said YES! For the strip shows I invited one of our more experienced dancers, a swedish girl called Michelle. One of the guest stars was the former Cicciolina and we had some fun with her as we were sharing the same hotel. Oulu is a very small city, very clean and beautiful … a very peaceful place. I liked very much the finnish people… Everybody was very friendly like i never met before.

2007 – 3º Salão Internacional Erótico de Lisboa

For the 3rd year in a row, we were in the Erotic Festival of Lisbon 2007. This year with one of the most famous erotic models in the world, our dear friend Susana Spears and another gorgeous czech model called Hana Black. Our strip tease shows were performed by the awesome brazilian dancer Romina.

The Salao Internacional Erotico de Lisboa of this year was the best ever. Many stars from the adult business, webmasters, producers and companies showed up.

2007 –

Zuzana Zuzka Light, previously known as Susana Spears, is a Czech fitness instructor, model, and actress. She currently runs one of the most popular fitness channels on YouTube and has fostered more than half a billion worldwide views. For sure you have seen her video workouts.

Well, well well… This sexy lady was an erotic model back on its time and we proudly produced her official website. We shot the pictures and videos all of them exclusive for her fans. We also designed the site and promoted it. The site has been online since March 2007… Of course it has not been updated since 2009 as she quit and changed her life and career. Anyway this was for sure one of the highlights of our agency!!! see more in

2007 – V Anniversary of Korpus Club Vilamoura

Susana Spears aka Zuzka Light came to Portugal in March of 2007 to produce the content for her official website and I started working with Korpus 2 months before. Mr. Artur, one of the owners, invited me to come for the V Anniversary party and I said: Oh maybe you want to have a star performing some shows.. I have a super model right here with me and she could do that! He said yes! In fact Susana never performed before a live show but for our surprise she did it very well… I was really happy and she really enjoyed. After that she started performing in some other clubs and in the erotic festivals as well. About Korpus what can I say. Everybody there is just fantastic and the club is the best!

2006 – 14º Festival Internacional de Cine Erótico de Barcelona FICEB

Here we go once again to the FICEB in Barcelona. We invite everybody to join us on this event. Our stand will be 180m2 and will have 2 stages. We will have our super models Bianca Martini, Luisa Braun, Jessica Blonde, Katty Dixon, Milly Sweet and Regina Bell performing lesbian shows and dancing strip tease during the 5 days of the fair. This year our partners and great producers HDContent will join us on this adventure. Don´t miss it!

2006 – 2º Salão Internacional Erótico de Lisboa

We were invited for the second year to be on this event. Last year our agency left a very good image and the organization of the Salao Internacional Erotico de Lisboa gave us very good conditions after what we did in Lisbon and Barcelona… We had a great stand with two stages. The main stage in which our dancers performed their best strip shows and in which we had the First Strip Tease Championship organized in Portugal. The second stage was inside the stand. Our girls performed there, very hot lesbian shows. We had also 4 private rooms for the lap dances. Fortunately everything was ok and we hope we rise our reputation after this second erotic exposition of Lisbon.  We want to thank to Cats Club for the sponsoring and support, to the organizers, to all the visitors and of course to all the girls!!!  Thanks and see you next year!!! 

2005 – 13º Festival Internacional de Cine Erótico de Barcelona FICEB

Well, I think that almost everyone knows about this event so, we will not talk about it. This FICEB Festival on its 13rd edition has been recognized by the Catalan government including it as such in its official circuit. Truth is that the industry of sex is assuming challenges that years ago were unthinkable and that are paving the way to normalization at an unsuspected speed. 

We were invited to participate on this event after the Erotic Expo in Lisbon. We had a lot of fun and a wonderful time on this festival. The most important was the contacts that we made, the professionalism that our dancers and models left. In a couple of years only, our agency has been growing and growing and we have already a high reputation on this business. We are respected and we got it working really hard but specially with honesty. We like our job but we are proud when we are recognized and the invitations to this events are prove of it. Many thanks to all dancers and models that were with us! See you in Mexico, Lisbon and Barcelona on the next year!

2005 – Great Opening – Fashion TV Bar, Tbilisi – Georgia

Our agency was contacted to provide dancers for the opening of the Fashion TV Bar in Georgia. Maria went by her self with our dancer Katty. They were performing during 3 days with a lot of success. Our agency is going to send dancers every month to perform go-go dance and some strip tease shows at that bar. Tbilisi is a small but a beutiful city with great landscapes. The girls enjoyed their time in Georgia. Here are some pictures.

2005 – 1º Salão Internacional Erótico de Lisboa

As happens in Barcelona every year, the organization of FICEB (Festival Internacional de Cine Erótico de Barcelona) and the Erotic Festival in Mexico brought to Portugal this event. Salao Internacional Erotico de Lisboa was the name and Exotic Angels was the only erotic model and dancer agency represented on this expo, our dancers performed 42 times on the 2 stages along the four days of this erotic exposition. This event brought all portuguse and spanish media and 35,000 curious from all ages (of course, over 18yo)  and genres…

Here there are some pictures of our stand, party in Cat´s Strip Club  and our stage shows.. Due to the great performances of our dancers we were invited to participate in Barcelona from October 5th to 9th of this year… See you there!